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My top 5 reasons for switching to Bulb

Before the switch

Why I switched to Bulb

I'm a happy Bulb customer but what made me switch to Bulb in the first place? Here are my top 5 reasons...

1. Cost

Ok, so it wasn’t the very cheapest. But it was still cheap. A yearly saving of almost £300 over my current provider! There were two other energy providers with fixed tariffs that were slightly cheaper than Bulb. As with everything in life, you need to balance your own needs and wants with the cost to know what the true value of the product is to you. Having said that, one of my top priorities is always cost. I love a good bargain – don’t we all? I considered a saving of nearly £300 every year was pretty good.

I also had to factor in the extra saving I would get from signing up using a unique referral link. That was an extra £50 bill credit paid into my account upon sign up. Read more about the referral credit here.

"A saving of nearly £300 every year was pretty good"

2. Simple tariff

Bulb Energy’s website says, “One low tariff for all”. A new concept for energy companies in the UK. I like that idea. It is normal practice for energy companies to have many different tariffs on offer. Often, they attract new customers with low tariffs only to switch them sky-high tariffs when the fixed period ends. They’re relying on their customers’ apathy or inability to not switch away from them at this point. The classic ‘bait and switch’. It doesn’t seem fair but many UK companies do it (not just energy suppliers). I doubt you’re paying the same as your neighbour for the same electricity, mobile phone or television. Everyone’s on a different ‘deal’ and the best deals are to be had by those who are willing to switch, negotiate, threaten to leave etc. These days, when we’re signed up to so many different services it can become a chore to always have to remember to switch or call up and try and negotiate a better deal. Not to mention the less-abled people in our society who are unable to keep switching or even unaware that they’re being fleeced by these large, national companies.

So “One low tariff for all” from Bulb was very appealing. Could this be the last energy switch I’d ever have to do?

Bulb offers 100% green electricity

3. Green Energy

I wasn’t looking for an energy company that supplied renewable energy but it just so happened that Bulb was one of the first to offer electricity from 100% renewable sources.  They also buy 10% of their gas from green sources and now they offset the rest through a programme of supporting carbon reduction projects. Shamefully, it wasn’t my number one priority for choosing an energy supplier but an excellent bonus. That should help reduce my family’s carbon footprint I thought (and help ease the guilt).

3 years on... How green are Bulb Energy?

4. Customer Service

This was a biggie. From my previous experience with the ‘big six’, I wondered, "is good customer service possible from ANY energy company?" In the news, the big six energy companies seemed to be constantly associated with poor service and dissatisfied customers. Bulb Energy seemed to offer something different. As a new company, they seemed to have been formed around a customer-centric approach. They had the agility and freshness of a new tech start-up so they were able to put into place the practices that lead to a great customer service experience. From the easy-to-use website and mobile app to the promise to answer the phone quickly and reply to emails within 48 hours, this seemed to be a new approach to providing energy services. Well it was worth a shot I thought. It HAD to be better than the current offering. 

"Is good customer service possible from ANY energy company?"

In fact, when I did the initial price comparison, nPower came out to be slightly cheaper than Bulb but because of their very low customer satisfaction rating they were a no-go for me. Saving 2 or 3 pounds every month is not enough for me to endure their bad customer service. 

What do I think of Bulb’s customer service after 3 years? 

5. Hassle-free Switch

Having made the decision to switch to Bulb, I needed to know that I wasn’t about to open a can of worms. My last switch was not straightforward and I wanted to know that Bulb's service is better than E-on's. I'd consider a hassle-free switch one to be that is fast, free and with good communication.

Ofgem require that all energy switches must include a 2-week cooling off period. This is so the switcher has time to change their minds about the switch and stay with their existing provider. Most energy companies will complete the switch in a timely 21 days

Of course you don't pay to switch but if you're in a fixed term with your current provider then there will probably be a fee to leave. These are more commonly called 'exit fees' and are usually £30 but they can be more. I wasn't in a fixed contract so I didn't have to worry about that but it was good to know that Bulb will pay your exit fees if I did. It makes it easier to recommend Bulb knowing this.

"Bulb will pay your exit fees"

Good Communication
So you get a quote, enter your details and press the 'switch now' button. Your new energy company says "we're now arranging your switch" but then what happens? Bulb promised that they would keep me up to date throughout the whole short process (which they did). As soon as I initiated the switch, I got an email with my Welcome Pack with all the details of my new plan and a timescale of what is going to happen that read...

  • Today - we get cracking!
  • In 9 days - We'll let you know how your switch is going
  • In 16 days - Time for you to send your first meter reading
  • In 20 days - Quick reminder about your first payment
  • In 21 days - Hurrah! You're officially a Bulb member

It also said I should, "sit back, relax and feel the positive energy". Hmmm.

NB: It all went to plan and the switch completed on day 21. Read more about what it is like to live with Bulb after 3 years.

A personal recommendation...

I think Bulb is a great renewable energy company. One of the good guys in the market with 5-star customer service. If you sign up using my link, we both get £50. Get a quote first and see if Bulb is right for you.

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