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Switching to Bulb Energy - an introduction

Before the switch

Bulb vs The Big Six Energy

I have been a Bulb a customer for over 3 years. Is it time to switch?


I know… There are a lot of reviews for Bulb Energy out there. Mostly proclaiming Bulb’s excellent customer service, Bulb’s good value tariff, Bulb’s ease of use and so on. But are they truly honest reviews? A lot of reviews are made shortly after the switch but what is like to be a long-term Bulb customer? If you’re considering a switch to Bulb Energy you’re probably looking to read an honest review of the whole picture.

Before I joined Bulb,I was a serial switcher. I switched to Bulb from E-on but I have been a customer of British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power and nPower. Almost a big six full-house! I’d use comparison websites like, and to find the best deal available to me at that time. If I could save a few pounds a year then I would switch. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn’t. For example, when I moved house, I switched to E-on (the cheapest deal at that time) and they needed to send an engineer to change the installed meter to a credit meter. I couldn’t get an appointment for 2 weeks and then they didn’t show up. I rescheduled and they didn’t show up again. There was no communication from them at all and I struggled to get through to their customer services. Not a good start, I thought.

"If I could save a few pounds a year then I would switch"

The switch took 4 weeks longer than it should but at least I was a cheap deal. Until it ended a year later and my bills went sky high. Then it was down to me to switch again to another deal.

Do you always have to switch every year?

This time however, I thought I’d take a different approach to switching. I wanted to switch both electricity and gas and I did the usual comparison. Bulb Energy came near the top of my results as they were one of the cheapest. But they were not THE cheapest. So why would I switch to a brand new energy company that wasn’t the cheapest?

Read my 5 reasons why I switched to Bulb

 Is it time to switch to Bulb?

A personal recommendation...

I think Bulb is a great renewable energy company. One of the good guys in the market with 5-star customer service. If you sign up using my link, we both get £50. Get a quote first and see if Bulb is right for you.

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