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Do you always have to switch energy supplier?

Before the switch

Should I switch to Bulb?

Should I switch my energy supplier every year?

If you’re not the sort of person that has the time or inclination to always hunt for the best deal for their energy, tv, broadband, mobile phone, insurance etc. then that’s fine. True story: Price comparison sites always want you switch using their service because they earn a commission if you do. That’s why they exist. Also a true story: If you switch to Bulb using my referral link then we both earn a £50.

"Price comparison sites always want you switch using their service because they earn a commission"

But constant checking and switching is not for everyone.

  • You may be happy with your current provider.
  • You may be happy with their current costs.
  • You may not want to change the way you do things.
  • You may not want risk switching problems or inconveniences.

A report from the independent Energy Switch Guarantee shows that the majority of households haven’t switched their energy provider in the last 4 years so if this you, you’re in good company.*

Switching is simple, quick and nearly always hassle-free but if you still don’t want the ‘hassle’ of switching then at least keep an eye on what you could get. Use a whole-of-market comparison like MSE's Cheap Energy Club to see how much you could save. It takes about 2 minutes and you don’t necessarily have to know your energy usage as they’ll give you a good estimate. Aren’t you a bit curious? Many people can save as much as £300 per year. If you’re one of those that’s been paying over the odds for 4 years that could’ve bagged you a huge saving of £1200! Now that’s a nice holiday.

Remember, if you do a comparison and decide to switch to Bulb Energy, use this link to make the switch and you’ll get an extra £50 credited to your account.


A personal recommendation...

I think Bulb is a great renewable energy company. One of the good guys in the market with 5-star customer service. If you sign up using my link, we both get £50. Get a quote first and see if Bulb is right for you.

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