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How to make money from Bulb's referral scheme


Refer your friends to Bulb

When you switch to Bulb, you can earn £50 for every referral you make. Sign up a few people and it starts to add up!

Ok, here's the lowdown... if you sign up to Bulb using my referral link we both get £50 bill credit. Nice, huh? For the 'referrer', this can add up to a nice amount and might be enough to cover their energy bill. Free, green energy!

Aaaah! Is that the only reason I recommend Bulb Energy...?

- NO!

If the referral scheme didn't exist:

  • I would still be a happy Bulb customer
  • I would still recommend Bulb to family and friends as a good, green energy company

I haven't the patience to suffer bad service so I wouldn't put up with it - even with a few referral credits added to my account. Luckily, with Bulb I don't have to and neither should you.

I referred my dad to Bulb using my referral link and it we both promptly received £50 bill credit. On top of that, he now benefits from a lower energy bill, great customer service and he's reduced his carbon footprint. That's a definite win, win!

According to Bulb, some members earn serious money referring people. The top 10 referrers have referred 9000 members. That's an average of over £45,000 each. All I can say is... they must have lots of friends!

"You can have the credit paid into your bank account"

If you manage to get a few successful referrals which puts your Bulb account in credit, you can have the credit paid into your bank account.

Refer a friend
Refer friends to Bulb and you could make 'serious money'

How do Bulb referrals work?

1. Switch to Bulb

First, you need to become a Bulb customer. Use this referral link to get a quote. If you decide to switch to Bulb you will earn £50 bill credit to get you going.

2. Get your unique referral link

Bulb will send you a unique referral link that you can start sharing right away.

3. Start sharing!

Start with your family and friends. Some of them won't be interested in switching or think it is too much of a hassle so you can tell them exactly how easy it is! Remember that Bulb pay exit fees so if they are tied into a fix with another energy company, Bulb will take care of that too.

How do I refer people and start making money?

Recommend Bulb to your family

Nobody wants to see their family paying over the odds. Maybe you have elderly relatives that don't know how to switch. You can help them by doing a comparison and try to get them a better deal. If Bulb is the best fit for them then ask them to use your new referral link to sign up. You'll both get a £50 bonus when they switch which you can spend on whatever you like!

Start a 'switch collective' with your friends

Put your link out on your friends' Whatsapp group. Let's say five of your friends switch using your link - they'll each get £50 and you'll get a total of £250. Put it all a pot and you've got £500 to spend on extravagant night together out or even a holiday 😎.

Social media

You don't have to be a social media megastar influencer. A personal recommendation from a friend on Facebook can really make a difference. It's a good idea to declare that you will both get £50 if they switch and only recommend Bulb if you genuinely feel that they are a good energy provider. I'm sure your friends will thank you for it.

You can also get involved with relevant discussions and articles about energy, household bills, saving money etc on sites like Facebook, Reddit, Mumsnet etc. A genuine recommendation and the opportunity for people to earn an extra £50 is often welcome. My advice would be to add value to the discussion with genuine advice or tell your own experience as well as just posting your referral link.

What you can't do

The referral programme comes with a few T&C's from Bulb that you need to stick to otherwise they may not pay the referral bonus. For example, you can't promote your referral link with paid-for advertising. This includes paying for Google Ads or Facebook Ads. You also can't 'spam' people with your link. But why would you? You can check the full terms here.

A personal recommendation...

I think Bulb is a great renewable energy company. One of the good guys in the market with 5-star customer service. If you sign up using my link, we both get £50. Get a quote first and see if Bulb is right for you.

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