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Fancy starting off with £50 credited to your account? That's £50 free energy to get you going. Or if you prefer, you can ask Bulb for a credit balance to be transferred to your bank account. Now really is the best time to switch to Bulb Energy.

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Want to know more about the offer? These FAQs should answer the most common questions.

How do I switch to Bulb?

Easily. Go to bulb.co.uk/refer/getbulb and answer a few questions to get your quote. Sign up only takes about 2 minutes. Bulb will take care of everything and keep you informed by email along the way. It takes about 21 days for the switch to happen.

I'm tied into a fix with my current supplier. Can I switch to Bulb Energy?

Yes! Bulb will ask you about your old supplier and if you have any exit fees to pay. They will credit your Bulb account with that amount when the switch completes.

What is bill credit?

Quite simply, it is credit added to your energy bill. When you receive your first monthly bill from Bulb, you will see a credit as if you have already paid £50 towards your bill.

What if a cheaper deal comes along after I switch to Bulb?

Bulb don't charge exit fees or tie you into a fixed term. You are free to switch away from Bulb and keep your £50 bill credit.

Is Bulb Energy the cheapest on the market?

Bulb Energy are very competitively priced (around 15% cheaper than the big six's standard tariffs). It is recommended that you do a whole-of-market price comparison to see exactly how they compare. Don't forget that you will also get £50 off your first year's energy costs with the offer on this site but you must use this link.

What is Bulb Energy's standing charge?

Prices vary by region so you will have to get a quote to find out. You will see the standing charge and tariff clearly shown in your quote.

How are Bulb Energy cheaper than so many of the other energy suppliers?

Bulb Energy say that they are able to keep energy prices low by investing in technologies that help them work more efficiently and by adding a smaller profit margin to the energy that they sell.

Why are there so many people offering referral links for Bulb?

After you become a Bulb member, you will be given a unique referral link. If someone else signs up to Bulb using your link then you both will receive £50 bill credit. As Bulb's customer satisfaction rating is very high, members are especially keen to recommend them. Hopefully you can do that too and earn some bill credit. Everybody loves free, green energy!

Will prices rise after I switch to Bulb?

Bulb offer a single variable tariff meaning that prices can go up and down. They say this reflects the true cost of energy. Bulb will give you 30 days notice when they plan to increase prices and any drop in wholesale energy prices will quickly be passed onto the customer. With no fixed term or exit fees, you are free to switch to a better deal without penalty.

What if only switch one utility (gas or electric)?

You will get £25 for each utility you switch. So if you only electric, then you can expect a £25 bill credit after the switch completes.

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